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Announcing creamY, a Capital Efficient, Dynamic AMM

Introducing creamY USD, aka Dre Dolla Dolla Bill, y’all!

creamY is a dynamically updatable AMM built off of the concepts from Uniswap, Balancer, Curve, and Blackholeswap. creamY v1 is focused around low slippage and fees for generally stable assets. creamY v2 is expanded to allow for volatile assets.

What Is creamY?

Curve and Blackholeswap introduced the concept of low slippage trades on assets that tend towards 1. Some examples include Curve’s y pool, which allows DAI, USDT, USDC, and TUSD to be traded at very low cost and very high efficiency. When a new asset is launched, such as BUSD, a new pool needs to be created, this segments market liquidity. As an example, the Curve BUSD pool, which allows DAI, USDT, USDC, and BUSD, however this fragments the liquidity of DAI, USDT, and USDC between the two pools. As more assets and markets are added, liquidity becomes more fragmented. Balancer introduced the concept of updatable pools, this allows the additional or removal of an asset from the pool, enabling a more dynamic approach.

creamY combines these two core approaches to create a dynamically updateable AMM which consolidates liquidity while providing the best qualities of the AMMs it borrows from.

Key Innovations in creamY

creamY is dynamic, stable, capital efficient, and single-sided:

Dynamic Update: Dynamically update the list of supported tokens to keep up with the latest innovations.

Yielding, Stable Versions: Hold or transact with yielding, stable version of the underlying asset.

Consolidated Liquidity: Trade within the largest set of assets rather than fragmented subsets of them.

Single-Sided Liquidity: Provide liquidity by using one instead of needing two or more tokens.

Not a Fork but a Knife 🔪

creamY is an innovative, cutting edge new product added to our existing offerings in lending and decentralized exchange platforms. Even though this code has been reviewed thoroughly by several credible developers, this code has not yet been through production testing. Please do not put in more money than you can afford to lose.


We are in the final stages of code review and testing. creamY will launch with strong incentive rewards in the form of CREAM tokens. The incentives will increase along with longer time commitments — the longer liquidity is committed to stake, the greater the reward will be. CREAM rewards will be escrowed until the end of the LP period. More details will be shared in our launch announcement.

[Updated 9/24] At launch, creamY will only support the stablecoin market, and roll out the BTC and ETH market thereafter:




Special Thanks

Special thanks to Andre Cronje from yearn.finance and Ping Chen from Hakka Finance for the discussions and insights required to develop creamY.

Crypto Rules Everything Around Me, C.R.E.A.M.

Join us on Discord, follow us on Twitter, or visit us at cream.finance.



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