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Bullish UNI/WETH Pool, UNI/CREAM Pool + CREAM Rewards

Congratulations to the Uniswap team for launching their new UNI token and governance structure! In addition to the newly added UNI lending market on C.R.E.A.M., we are also launching two pools to help our community join in on the UNI liquidity mining with CREAM incentives. Finally, we will also increase our CREAM rewards for our loyal CREAM holders.

New Swap Pools — Bullish UNI/WETH, UNI/CREAM

Just like how our bullish YFI/USDC pool on Swap helps YFI token holders stay more bullish on YFI while providing liquidity, our Bullish UNI/WETH pool will also give bullish UNI holders an incentivized alternative to the existing 50/50 UNI/ETH pool on Uniswap. This new UNI liquidity provider option reduces the amount of impermanent loss that UNI liquidity providers experience.

Additionally, our UNI/CREAM pool gives those who hold both UNI and CREAM an opportunity to supply liquidity between those two tokens.

At launch, the Bullish UNI/WETH pool will receive 100 CREAM tokens per day for 7 days, and the UNI/CREAM pool will receive 100 CREAM tokens per day for 7 days, from September 18th through September 24th.

Swap pools for the Bullish UNI/WETH and UNI/CREAM pools are up and available for deposits now. Staking for these two pools will be available on the reward page roughly 3 hours from the time of this post, around 11pm UTC+8. $CREAM rewards will begin shortly after, around 11:59pm UTC+8 on September 17th.


To address concerns from our most loyal community backers, we are increasing the amount of CREAM that crCREAM stakers receive by 600 CREAM per day, making it 3,100 CREAM per day instead of 2,500 CREAM.

Revised Liquidity Mining Schedule

Happy UNI liquidity mining!

Crypto Rules Everything Around Me, C.R.E.A.M.

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