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Cream Fraîche — A Low Fat Protocol

C.R.E.A.M.’s path to decentralization and beyond.

The Narrow Path To Community Control

Decentralization is not easy. We’ve seen flashloan exploits of governance protocols, voter apathy and quorum issues and the ever-increasing problem of power asymmetry in what are primarily plutocratic governance systems. For C.R.E.A.M., we need to chart a path whereby the team can react quickly in implementing new features and adding new assets, while also ensuring that the community gets to have its say, properly debate new additions and propose new and exciting developments. Trust-minimization is key; it’s impossible to get to a truly trustless state and be a dynamic, quick reacting organization, so we are slowly building to a model that will provide the best of all worlds.

A High Quality Dairy Product

A vote was recently passed, unanimously, installing an agreed proposal structure, ensuring the quality of, and removing ambiguity from, future proposals.

Risk Reassessment

It’s worth discussing a key vote from above, regarding new asset risk-mitigation collateral levels. As a result of the vote on Snapshot all new assets are added with 0% collateral, with increased collateral levels available through governance. We’ve seen this in recent weeks with the addition of BBTC and HBTC, both with a 0% collateral level; once the asset has been established, we’d expect to see a proposal for this to increase. We’re also actively looking into new safeguards to allow listing of potentially riskier assets, with prototypes ready to test.

Community & Comms

This article is the first of many detailing our intention, ambition, direction and drive. We know communication, particularly thinking behind strategic platform decisions, has not been clear in the past, and we want to be able to engage as many of the talents within our community as possible to robustly discuss our plans for the future. Expect more discussion about high level thinking, future roadmaps and community engagement as we continue to develop, build and refine; we will soon be commencing a twice-monthly call with key community members to ensure we are fully aligned on future plans and strategy.

A Low-Fat Future

The same great tasting CREAM, with a lot less of the calories. We’re going to be solidifying our offering in order to increase confidence in the platform and thus, hopefully, increase users. There will be official announcements to come, and a full article dedicated to the product roadmap, but the message is, again: we’re listening. Expect news on matters important to the community, such as audits and insurance, in the coming days and weeks.

Engage With Us

We need your ideas, viewpoints, opinions and discussion.



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C.R.E.A.M Finance is a decentralized lending protocol. Crypto Rules Everything Around Me.