Apple Pencil

It has been passed some weeks after I bought the new 9.7" iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil, since then I realized that it is a very powerful tool but it needs software to make it really useful.

Apple has make a good job with iOS Notes App but this is only the beginning, the future of the Pencil will be written with apps which would be able to take advantage of it: Adobe Comb, Good Notes and many others are doing a great job.

Apple Pencil is a separate device from the iPad Pro and Apple has not provided any way of physical integration, the Pencil has his own box but it is not ideal for mobility work, you know pull out the ipad, pull out the Pencil and pull out from its box. And this is critical because you will be using it more and more, if it is well integrated (physically) with the iPad Pro.

I think the best solution is to buy a holder combined with a iPad case.

Apple Pencil holder (Amazon)

Apple Pencil
iPad Pro 9.7"
Apple Pencil holder