4 Ways to Broaden your Podcast Reach

You’ve got great content, and the people who listen to your podcast love it, but how can you expand your reach?

Search is only so helpful; you’ll be one of thousands of podcasts vying for attention in a crowded marketplace. Incorporating one or more of these savvy marketing techniques into your efforts can help you expand your audience without forking over cash for a paid advertisement or placement.

1. Book the Right Guests

The guests you invite onto your program can benefit you in a variety of ways; by including entertaining, expert and interesting guests, you can be sure you are providing top notch quality for your existing listeners and appealing to new followers too.

Your guests likely have a following of their own, and can help promote their appearance on your podcast in the days leading up to the release. By inviting relevant and intriguing guests, you gain access to their audience and have the opportunity to connect with more listeners; some of whom will likely begin to follow you, if they like what they hear.

2. Network on Facebook and Industry Forums

Do you post your podcast link on your Facebook page and on your social media sites? If you are hoping to expand your audience by showing up via iTunes search, you could miss out.

Use your social media sites to promote upcoming podcasts and include your podcast link and information on every piece of content you share. People who already follow and enjoy your content will check out your other channels and offerings, if they know what is available.

3. Be a Guest

Being a guest on another podcast in your own or a related niche can help you build your own audience. You’ll be able to interact with the host or owner of the program you’re visiting and gain exposure to a whole new group of potential listeners.

Guesting allows you to showcase not only your product or service, if you have one, but to invite listeners who like what they hear to follow your own podcast, too.

4. Contests and Giveaways for Listeners

The idea of rewarding listeners with a special prize or perk has deep roots — radio programs rewarded listeners with code words and prizes long before the Internet was even an option.

Use this proven technique to cultivate listeners by including a code word or phrase in your podcast that can be used to gain a discount or another perk. Listeners may drop by for the goodies, but end up sticking around because they enjoy your work.


Marketing your podcast to a wider audience via social media, guest posting or even offering a fun giveaway allows you to expose a whole new group of listeners to your program.

What tactics do you use to marketing your podcast?

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