Educational apps suck!
Ben Ralph

Wanted: Educational Experience (EX) Designer

Yes, the chief goal of UX is often to make something so intuitive that it requires no training to use it. But sometimes part of the purpose of your software is to change the paradigm, which will definitely require some kind of learning curve.

I want educational software that challenges the status quo, that doesn’t just offer a neat way to cover a unit or a digital and efficient version of an existing practice. I think education itself needs more UX design.

In fact, maybe we need a whole new position of educational experience designer. An EX designer, if you will.

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What I’m saying is that I agree with all your points but I wanted to challenge the one about the app not having a learning curve, because that often implies that it relies on existing functionalities.

For example, when an educational app has some sort of attendance feature with present, late, and absent, you think, that’s good, I’m used to that. But occasionally we need to challenge that familiarity. What if the teacher didn’t take attendance at all, but an app had a bell survey that students took, which logs when it was taken and automatically logs attendance?

That was just a quick example. I have a lot more thoughts on this subject but maybe I should post them later on my own Medium.

Keep up the good work!

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