Success Recipe simplified! — Part 1

Personal Development Blueprint in 3 easy Steps

“Begin with End in Mind!” — Stephen Covey

This wise piece of advice from one of the greatest motivators of our time, Stephen Covey has all principles of personal leadership encapsulated in it to take us to the next level!

Let me confess! My intent is not to promise moon in 3 easy steps.

Rather, its my humble attempt to share a few learnings that I gathered along my journey so far.

Success per se is a subjective matter.

So, it could get shrouded in mystery, making you feel lost along your way.

Nevertheless, here's the surprising truth.

The ingredients of success are objective in nature.

In order to make a delightful recipe of Success, you need to evaluate the patterns of results you keep getting.

Depending on where you're committing mistakes more often, the 3 easy steps in the Blueprint help you use the ingredients the right way.

The 3 easy steps are 3 R’s. We will come to know each one in 3 parts of this series.

You might be practicing one or more of them now and then. Their real power lies in daily practicing them together.

Before getting into the details, First things First! (Please excuse me once again for yet another Covey-ism!)

  1. Whenever you think of starting an activity — it could be a short errand or a big project which could take years to complete, what’re the thoughts doing rounds in your mind?
  2. And once you’re into it, how often you have had to deal with unforeseen interruptions and / or unwanted distractions?
  3. Finally, when you somehow completed it, how often could you do it on time OR when you didn’t, how often could you resume from where you left it off?

If your answers to the above queries are its happening more often or almost always, you may skip further reading . Please do share your comments for others’ benefit.

Else, let’s get rolling!!

Let’s begin with the first question.

So, what’re the thoughts related to the activity while starting it? Bet they’re mostly about things to bother about for getting it started, right?

Yes, there’s nothing wrong about it. The point is about the clarity one has reg how its going to end.

Most often, when this clarity is missing, things take different turn whenever there’s a setback or some unexpected things happen.

Recouping and recovering from these unforeseen situations does involve its own overheads in terms of time, money (aka energy) etc.

One might feel what’s the big deal about this. Well, it got to do with finishing things as planned and on time. The more often you do it, the more confident you will be, feeling better about yourself, day by day!

This is where the quote from Stephen Covey — “Begin with End in Mind” becomes relevant.

Beginning with End in Mind entails how good you “feel” about the positive end that you picture in your mind.

This positive “spark” is what helps in sustaining your spirits high.

It even inspires you to figure out workarounds for any unforeseen hiccups and / or setbacks.

Being just a “spark”, it needs to be rekindled daily! And the way to do it is to visualize the end in mind daily.

It helps reinforcing the end deeper in your mind. There is a very good reason for this.

The underlying principle for this is — “everything is created twice!” Stephen Covey nicely sums it up by quoting the Carpenter’s rule — “Measure twice, cut once!”

What this means is one creates anything by visualizing in mind first and then the physical manifestation follows suit.

This obviously calls for the destination to be clear in one’s mind. If that’s clear, you’re clear about your direction and the path to be pursued.

So, you will be in a better position to understand where you currently are.

Else, you’d default to a state of being adrift on a slippery slope, without even being aware of it happening! This happens since not all first creations happen by conscious choices.

So, its important to be in harmony with this principle of “everything is created twice” so as to take responsibility for creating things in mind first and then facilitating their physical manifestation.

Now, having come this far, its kind of makes sense to be clear about the answer to the first question — take control of what you’re creating in your mind in order to achieve the outcomes you desire in life — as planned and on time!

If you do this first step right, it kind of nips in bud the issues arising due to the other two questions which follow suit.

Let this be firmly set in mind, Else go through it again before reading further!

So, the first R is all about Re-framing your mind to always be focused on beginning anything with its end in mind!!

Once you’re done, let’s delve on other two questions in upcoming sequels…

Stay tuned!!!




Living By Design is all about creating the Life you dream about! Its based on the principle: Everything is created twice — first in the mind and then in the physical reality. Napoleon Hill said, “whatever the mind can conceive, it can achieve!”. This is towards making it happen!!

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