B E P A S S I O N A T E!

— It’s the ultimate secret sauce to Wellbeing!!

Passion is intrinsic to pursuing Excellence in anything we do.

Inspiration is the spark which ignites passion.

However, inspiration alone can’t sustain passion since the latter is as strong as a frozen dessert.

The external environment is more powerful than inspiration.

It can trounce it in no time unless we’re aware of why we’re doing i. e., the purpose of what we’re doing.

So, awareness of purpose alone sustains passion!

Here's an example which explains the correlation.

Cream in milk remains dissolved in it as long as its not yet boiled.

But the cream won’t start appearing on top until and unless we persist with heating the milk close to its boiling point.

It then appears on top and stays afloat only when milk is fully boiled at least once.

Starting of heating milk is akin to inspiring oneself.

It triggers the process of coagulating milk to let the cream start accumulating on top.

But it won’t sustain till we persist with heating the milk till it’s boiled.

Our persistent effort of heating milk depends on the reason i. e., the why or purpose of doing so.

Thus inspiration can trigger passion but can’t sustain it.

And passion will be resolute, just like cream stays afloat after boiling milk, only once we’re committed to accomplishing the Purpose!

So, clarity of purpose solely determines how passionate we’re since purpose is the link to the desired outcome!

Thus, Passion contributes to our well being as we get to enjoy doing what is aligned to our purpose!!




Living By Design is all about creating the Life you dream about! Its based on the principle: Everything is created twice — first in the mind and then in the physical reality. Napoleon Hill said, “whatever the mind can conceive, it can achieve!”. This is towards making it happen!!

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Ramana Murthy H V

Ramana Murthy H V

Consultant, Entrepreneur; Loves to help people find their mojo in Living by Design!!

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