I Just Made $10,192 on a Gumroad Course

7 things to remember so you can do it too

Josh Spilker
Create Make Write


Recently, I crossed the $10,000 mark selling a course on Gumroad.

Gumroad course results

The number is now a bit higher now! 🙏

After selling and promoting it, here are 7 things I’ve learned.

1. It’s easier to pick a course software than you think.

There are so many course programs out there, it can be difficult to pick which one. Honestly, just choose which program is best suited for you. This time, I used Gumroad. Gumroad gave me flexibility with formats and it’s easy to track my users and create a newsletter, too. It’s also a software product that many people are familiar with, so I knew the adoption curve would be easier.

2. Don’t let the format bog you down (I used Notion).

Similar to the point above, don’t worry about the formats either. If you want to do all video, then do it. If you’d rather write everything, then great. Create a slide deck? Sure, go for it.

Find something flexible like Notion, Coda, or even Google Drive and start building out your course. You can change to more sophisticated software later on.

3. Gain an edge with templates