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Letter sent on Oct 31, 2016

are you creating something real…?




i’ve never said that to anyone to their face, but i’ve thought about it often (yes i’m a bad person).

and i wonder how many people (how many of you?) would say that about me?

that’s why it’s my goal to always be in the middle of creating something — (mostly i do novels, essays and i’m putting some work on a journal — my books are here)

— and not just writing tips.

read: end the writing pyramid schemes




i also think it’s important to take the idea and have it exist, and not always dwelling on it (which is how i spent most of my 20s). it doesn’t have to be perfect.

bonus! i need to say this more to people when they’re doing work i appreciate…!

read: the balance b/w getting stuff done & perfection

what do you think? i really want to know…


— josh spilker

PS: MORE REAL: check out my vaguely feel essays on medium about everyday life if you haven’t already…here’s one that just popped on the coffeelicious