Are You Making Art That Will Last?

This book will help. (No, it’s not my book.)

Here are some quotes from this book (and I’m only like 1/3 of the way through). It’s really changing me in the notion of what I think is “good enough” or trying to game the system or something to get ahead.

It doesn’t work in the long term. Not for art that will last. Consistency is good, but conniving is not.

  • “[Creatives] can’t seem to understand that most customers won’t get excited about a moderate improvement — because most people don’t even care.”
  • “It’s not that creativity is magical. It just appears to be magical to people who don’t understand the trick.”
  • “Many great works of art are blue ocean plays in their own right. If not totally new, they provide a new angle on something timeless.”
  • “You don’t have to be a genius to make genius–you just have to have small moments of brilliance that add up to something special.”
  • “What if trends and tides shift? What if, by the time you capitalize on it, it’s already over? A truly successful band, or filmmaker, or entrepreneur — one who career lasts decades — must think bigger and more long term than that.”

See what I mean? That’s just a small sample.

Find a copy of Perennial Seller by Ryan Holiday. It’s great and will push you forward in creating art, not just content.

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