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Letter sent on Feb 4, 2017

covers are in, will you help?


I’m preparing to release a new book in March called Taco Jehovah. It’s about a guy who believes God is telling him to start a taco truck. Then hijinx ensue.

I am putting together a team to help raise awareness about the book over the next several weeks leading up to its release.

I know your time is valuable so rest assured that it won’t be time-consuming. I’ll set up a private Facebook group for the team to communicate and will post periodic requests, primarily simply to share information, such as blog posts or other articles.

Team members will receive early access to the book and will be asked to write a quick Amazon review if you want. (Book is still in production, but I’ll be sending it out soon).

I’m capping the group at 50 — and it’s filling quickly.

Potential cover designs just arrived and you’ll get a chance to weigh in, and see a little bit of the publishing process.

If you’re interested in — please reply by email at joshspilker (at) gmail and I’ll send you a few more details. Will you help?

— Josh @ Create Make Write

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