Don’t Make a New Resolution or Find a New System. Follow Through On What You Already Know.

Everyone Is Profiting From Your Hopes & Dreams…Except For You.

There it is again.

Another starry-eyed photo that creates a sense of wonder…or something…a top another “This is How You Can Get The Life You Really Want” type of article.

One that seems oddly familiar.

Because you read something similar last year. And the year before that. And the year before that. But what’s different?

This is the article for you repeaters out there.

The ones that keep reading the same inspirational, personal development pieces but don’t do anything differently.

This is a fascinating time of year.

It can be nerve-wracking. Anxiety-ridden.

The holidays are often no fun.

Weird family dynamics with stilted conversations.

Then there’s the whole “new year” thing.

We feel bad about what we haven’t accomplished.

But there are loads of supposed cures to how distracted you are, how unproductive you are and you’ll make the resolutions “stick” this time around.

You can take a course.

Buy a book.

Purchase a new planner.

Those things are not necessarily bad. I’ve participated in a few of those myself.

But…if every year, you’re constantly trying to buy something new to get you over the hump this year…then you probably already have the solution.

You probably have seen the solution; you’re just not following the process.

Often, it’s not about finding a new solution, it’s about using the ones you already have.

Like actually using them.

Look in those old books or planners or courses.

They probably describe a system. A system that could work.

Open another book, and there’s another system.

That one will probably work, too.

Instead “plan the work and work the plan” or however the saying goes.

This year, don’t find a new writing system or search for the new glamorous solution.

People (like me…more claps please) have repackaged it up and sold it back to you. There is nothing new under the sun. They’re only taking advantage of your hope and your optimism.

In fact, they’re profiting off your ineptitude once again. They’re profiting from your hope.

Don’t let them do it this year.

Instead, actually do the work, follow through on the system and benefit from your hope, hard work and discipline.

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I’m Josh Spilker, a writer and author. I blog about the writing process at Create, Make, Write and write about everyday life at Vaguely Feel. My latest novel is Taco Jehovah.