How To BE “The BEst”

You Aren’t The BEst Without THis

I used to be the best.

In case you don’t know what that means, I did stuff better than other people at doing stuff. I did that stuff so well, that I became the best. Like right now, I may be the best on finding cool pictures with glasses. Just look above. Then look below.

See? Cool guys with glasses high-fiving. Now that’s what I call “the best.”

But as a I kept doing awesome stuff, I realized that I had to be more than the best. I needed to fully optimize everything that “best-ness” contains.

I needed to BE the best.

That’s when it hit me.

I had to BE the BEst.

If you think all I did to become to BE the BEst was add capital letters, you are exactly right. Spelling “BEst” with more capital letters is paramount. Because then my “BEst” is taller and more pronounced than everyone else’s.

Something else also hit me in my quest to be the BEst, which I’ll tell you about after I find another gif only tangentially related to the statement above:

Here it is: You can’t be the “BEst” without a “b” and “e”. That spells “be.” To summarize, you have to “be” something to be the “BEst.” For all of this to work out the way I want it to, you actually to spell it like this: BE.

Chalk that up to another thing I’m the BEst at: spelling the word “BEst.”

So here I am today, a changed person and I couldn’t have done it without “BE”-ing something. I also couldn’t have done it without this keyboard I’m currently typing on. Or this screen. Or this glass. Or all of the hardworking developers that put this code together. They are truly working hard at being the best.

Maybe one day you too will BE the BEst like I am at doing stuff. Here’s another random gif to help you more clearly understand what I’m talking about:

Can you take a joke sometimes?

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