How To Fail At Writing with 9 GIFs from The Simpsons

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As writers, we’ve all been there. Failing to write when we should be. I’m not just talking vaguely about procrastination, but even a misperception about how writers approach the work, turning down help from the community (consciously and subconciously) and falling into bad habits. Below are some ways that we all fail.

1. Check your phone more than you check out books.

2. Wait for permission to start

3. Constantly compare yourself to others.

4. Never share your work

5. Leave a screen on all the time

6. Read yet another blog post about “creativity”

7. Complain that the winter is too dark to write. Realize that summer is too much fun to write.

8. Be a night owl that gets tired early, or a morning person that stays up late.

9. Write only when it’s convenient for you.

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