Imposters Are Everywhere

It’s Not Just Experience, But Their Spirit

I overheard a conversation between two people the other day. They were discussing job interviews. They talked about the posturing. The glad handing. And putting their best foot forward.

But they also said how no one knows as much as you think they do. That imposters are everywhere.

I get what they are saying. People are not always as well-qualified as you think they are, not as impressive as you might think. That a lot of times they’re googling right before presenting.

Going to work or joining forces with one of those can be a demoralizing experience. Following a false prophet is no fun at all.

It’s especially true in this online economy. Everyone claims success before actually realizing the success. Don’t ever listen to me about how to make money online, because I don’t know how.

The posture that someone takes to what they learned is almost as important as what they have learned. So, if someone has a limited experience, but is willing to admit they don’t know everything, I’m more willing to listen to that person than a seasoned expert who is trying to tell you THIS IS THE WAY IT IS.

Everyone can trust a more humble person who is showing their successes and failures more than a fake confidence man who rides one flimsy idea all the way to the bank.

To help you fail like me, I’ve put together this handy guide, How To Fail As A Writer.

Check it out and then tell me how you’ve failed, too.

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