It’s Time To Think About Writing By Hand

What pen and paper can do

Josh Spilker
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Photo by Kenny Eliason on Unsplash

I’ve written 2.5 novels.

They’re definitely vanity / art / literary type projects and I did them more for fun than any grand goal of big sales.

But here’s why I’m telling you this — I had the most fun with them when I was writing them by hand.

Yes, there is a place for writing by hand even with all the digital tools.

False promise…

Apps and devices promise efficiency and convenience, leading many to believe that handwriting is outdated.

However, this assumption overlooks what the act of putting pen to paper can do.

Even though there are so many tools to choose from, handwriting remains a valuable and effective method for note-taking.

The Unique Benefits of Handwriting

Handwriting enhances memory retention and improves comprehension. When you write by hand, your brain engages more deeply with the material.