Make Do: What You Can Learn About Writing From IKEA

IKEA doesn’t hire models for their catalogues, they use their employees.

Their billionaire founder doesn’t fly first-class, he’s in economy class.

The name IKEA is actually a simplified acronym for the founder’s farm.

IKEA adheres to making do with what they currently have — and not scaling beyond their means.

What does that have to do with writing?

  • If you think you have to write 8 hours a day, what if you “make do” with only 1 or 2 to start?
  • If you think you need an MFA, why don’t you “make do” with your current manuscript and ask a few friends for feedback?
  • If you think you need to move to New York for a powerful writing community, why don’t you “make do” with helpful Facebook groups instead?
  • If you don’t feel like you have a big idea for a novel, why don’t you “make do” with the ideas that you do have and see where they go?

Too Many Excuses

I have to “make do” with an erratic work schedule, two kids and then the general Netflix-scrolling problem that is plaguing our society.

Too often the excuses pile up (even for me!) and that stops us from writing anything at all.

How will you “make do”?