The Case Against Using Too Many Note-Taking Tools

You’re fragmenting your focus

Josh Spilker
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Photo by Ben Harritt on Unsplash

A new note-taking tool seems to drop from the sky every week.

Each promises to revolutionize the way we capture, organize, and recall information.

From sleek apps to traditional notebooks, the choices are endless.

But is more really better?

The paradox of choice…

Imagine standing in front of one of those big buffets. You know the types that populate Las Vegas or the suburbs.

You have some good things — like salad or green beans. But then you have loads of carbs, and sweets, and high-calorie fried stuff.

Where to start? What to choose?

You could get one of everything and still not be satisfied.

The sheer abundance is overwhelming, and it’s difficult to decide what to choose.

This is the paradox of choice.

Too many options can paralyze us and lead to decision fatigue.

The world of note-taking tools is no different.

We have Evernote, Notion, OneNote, Google Keep, physical planners, and my favorite, the humble legal pad.