4 Thoughts on My Writing Sprint

I Blogged Each Day for 30 Days

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2 min readFeb 4, 2021


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I just finished a “writing sprint.”

My goal was to write and publish every day on Medium for 30 days. This is the last one.

Check out the black dots…it shows when I published on Medium.

I can tell you this though: I won’t publish every day from here on.

Instead, I’ll plan writing sprints.

What’s a Writing Sprint?

Some may think of it as a focused block of time to write, but I like to think of it more like software development and agile sprints.

You have a set of work that you try to get done in a set amount of time.

And then you ship.

I’m considering doing another writing sprint for my content marketing blog (republished here on Medium).

  1. To prepare for my next writing sprint, I’ll need to come up with a few more ideas beforehand, and potentially have them build upon one another. I need a few more days here and there to create longer posts.
  2. My goal for this writing sprint was to get back into the rhythm and most of these posts have been short.
  3. But a new writing sprint doesn’t mean that I have to publish every day. I could just focus on writing each day for a certain period of time, and create a longer post, series, or even a book.
  4. These 30 days of writing have been good. I wanted to build my skills and consistency again after having a more inconsistent output over the last few months especially with Create Make Write, where most of the posts appeared.

These were the 5 most popular posts that I wrote over the past 30 days:



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