The Simple Editing Trick That Will Change Your Writing

I got the pages back for my new novel.

The pages are designed.

The subheads actually look like subheads.

The text is formatted to the way the book will be printed.

And I begin to read.

And I find mistakes.

Tons of them.

This adheres to the old advice — that if you put your writing away for awhile, you’ll find new changes.

Yes, I think that’s part of it.

But I also think there’s something else going on.

And you can easily implement this trick and edit quickly without ever having a page designer.

What is that simple editing trick?

Change the font size.

Yes, make the font larger than it currently is and you’ll pick up new things.

You’ll see mistakes that you swore you caught.

That missing comma.

That lowercase start to a sentence.

That misspelled word even after you ran spell check.

Next time you’re editing a piece of writing try it.

Change the font size. And you’ll see your writing in a new way.

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I’m Josh Spilker, a writer and author. I blog about the writing process at Create, Make, Write and write about everyday life at Vaguely Feel. My latest novel is Taco Jehovah.