There Are A Lot of F***ing Books

Just look at these.

Josh Spilker
Jan 15 · 2 min read

I don’t casually throw around the f-bomb.

Not my style.

Anyone that knows me personally can attest to that.

However, a few weeks ago I was in a big chain bookstore (those still exist?) and I saw a whole rack of f*** books.

Not giving a f*** is the modern mantra.

Did these all start with Mark Manson’s book? I’ve listened to a few of his interviews, and have read a couple of blog posts.

He’s a clever and better storyteller than the average business or self-help book.

And it’s not about doing everything better, but only focusing on a few things well.

That’s definitely a message that resonates in our attention starved, notification world.

It includes more than 2 million copies sold and translations in 25 languages.

The weird thing about Manson is that he has slowly built his audience. No one (including him, I’m sure) would have expected this, but it’s also not a random occurrence.

He has got the modern bro topics down pat — his first book was about attracting women, this one has an f-bomb in it, it’s the new wave of frat house literature. And yes, throw in Jordan Peterson somewhere in there too.

Throw in a few curse words to your title with a bold and confident tone, and you’ve got something.

All those other authors on the rack hope so.

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