Why The “Simple Truth” Isn’t Always True

The survey results were in.

They weren’t looking good.

Thousands of people were interviewed.

The authors had a simple truth about the product.

“The simple truth,” the author of the report said, “is that convergence [all-in-one device] is a compromise driven by financial limitations, not aspiration. In the markets where multiple devices are affordable, the vast majority would prefer that to one device fits all.”

They felt that the product would be less than optimal. A compromise with nothing new to offer the world. A bad mishmash of functions that could be done better individually than together.

What was the product they surveyed? What was the product that everyone said they wouldn’t like?

The iPhone.

Obviously, that wasn’t the simple truth.

The truth was quite the opposite.

The iPhone was (is) amazing and Apple began another major ascent.

So how do you know if you have a flop or a hit?

The truth is — you don’t. And I don’t either.

If it were so simple, we’d all create the next iPhone or the next amazing TV show.

Success and failure often come from the same seeds. But we don’t know how they’ll grow.

Isn’t that easy enough?

Inspiration for this post & the “simple truth” quote came from Hit Makers by Derek Thompson. Great book!

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