Will People Still Read? And 11 Other Questions I Have About My Future Writing

  1. Will I still use passive verbs too often?
  2. Will I ever actually take the time to outline a novel?
  3. Can I write any faster?
  4. Will I write for myself, write for my audience or will the two somehow become the same?
  5. What if I get a book advance?
  6. Will I get any better at this? What if I don’t?
  7. How will Twitter change my writing? Or has it already?
  8. Can I write a book of poetry? But why would I?
  9. Will people still read?
  10. Would a writer’s retreat help me?
  11. What if I planned out my next three books? What if I didn’t?
  12. Will I still write first drafts of my novels by hand?

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