Reprogram Your Mind and Change Your Life

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A miracle contains the ‘gift of grace’. It needs a mindset which surrenders. It involves complete faith and belief in a power that is higher than the self… One that is capable of manifesting something, one which the self is unable to achieve on its own strength.
A miracle goes beyond what is visible to the naked eye. Combined with purity of intent, it can transform your life in one single moment. To illustrate — an a person coming out of a car crash unscathed when the entire car turned over and was crushed… A patient diagnosed with stage four aggressive cancer but who got declared ‘cancer-free’ due to alternative healing methods. A man saved from bankruptcy in the nick of time… Instances like these go beyond being termed ‘just pure lucky’.

Prayers go up and blessings come down

Create Miracles was started by me when I became aware that each and every individual has the power within themselves to create the miracles they seek. Through my training as a life coach, I learnt how to harness this inner power to create manifestations that I sought.

The tools that I used worked for me, and I was sure they would work for others too.

In fact, many successful people have been known to use such tools, like the visualisation technique to achieve goals.

The ace swimmer Michael Phelps in his book said that every night he’d visualise that he was winning. This helped him create his records (source).

Create Miracles works on this basic premise… If you really want to turn your life around it is possible. Thus I conduct workshops to help people clear their blocked energies and express their highest potentials.

Change your mindset, change your life

Through these workshops, I’ve realised that when people are open to changing their mindsets, they can bring about the change they seek in their life. 
Apart from faith in your own abilities, and in a higher energy, one also needs to align and synchronise these energies to facilitate the process of transformation.
In my journey as an oncology counsellor and volunteer at Cancer Prevention & Aid Association (CPAA), I facilitated many people through severe health issues.

Many moved out of critical zones and become stable and curable. I attribute this to ‘God ‘s grace’ as science cannot explain it.

I have helped several clients get back on their feet physically and emotionally through personalised counselling sessions.

Through the programs I offer at Create Miracles, I empower people with tools to align their inner energies and unleash their true potential…

Together we become an ‘unstoppable force’… The only thing holding you back is ‘you’. Get out of your way and build the life of your dreams.
If you need to learn meditation techniques or just require guidance, email me or leave a note below… And for more of my articles on how to Create Miracles, follow me here.

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