Taking the Plunge

I’ve left the working world behind, thrown caution to the wind, and set out on my own to build a company from the ground up. Today I’m announcing Writing.AI, a company created with the goal of making writing faster, easier, and more accessible.

For many people, writing can be an agonizing process. When it’s a critical part of your daily life or career, this process can quickly become a major source of stress, frustration, and lost sleep.

We often know what we want to write and how the final product should be structured, but turning those thoughts into words — the writing itself — is not a smooth process.

The problem is that formal writing doesn’t match how humans naturally share information with one another: through open, free-flowing dialog.

So I’m building Writing.AI to make it possible for people to write the way we communicate: through conversation. The system asks you questions about a topic you want to write about, you answer, it asks follow up questions, and when you’re all done a draft document is generated. That’s the big picture.

I’m currently bringing this idea to life. As part of this effort, I’ll be using Writing.AI to do a lot of professional writing. That process started today, with this blog post being the first real piece of writing created with the help of the system.

Although the product is not yet available for general use, I’ve set up the Writing.AI site to allow visitors to receive a notification email when the first version launches. You can also follow @ncantelmo or @writingai on Twitter for updates.

If you’ve made it this far, thanks for reading! I’m incredibly excited to share this with the world.

Please leave a comment if you have thoughts or questions, or feel free to email me at nate@writing.ai