Changemaker Spotlight: Bye Bye Plastic Bags NJ✨

An interview with Bye Bye Plastic Bags NJ founder, Purva Bommireddy

Shaye DiPasquale
createHER Collective
3 min readJun 28, 2020


Welcome to createHER Collective’s “Changemaker Spotlight” series, highlighting nonprofits, organizations and activists who are working on creative initiatives to empower their community and advocate for change.

It’s time to say NO to single-use plastics and YES to environmental awareness with Purva Bommireddy and Bye Bye Plastic Bags New Jersey!

Meet the Founder: Purva Bommireddy

Purva Bommireddy is a rising high school senior with a passion for the intersection of engineering, activism, and storytelling. She is the founder and team leader of Bye Bye Plastic Bags New Jersey, working to elevate the youth voice for action against single-use plastic bags.

What is Bye Bye Plastic Bags New Jersey?

Bye Bye Plastic Bags New Jersey is a wave in the global movement to ban single use plastic bags. Our mission is to empower youth to raise their voices and take leadership in demanding action on environmental issues. We host events to foster environmental awareness, work with other organizations creating young change-makers, and push forward policies that champion clean air, clean water, and environmental justice for all.

What inspired you to create your organization?

As I learned more about the issues that were harming both our planet and its people, I knew that I wanted to become an environmental advocate, and plastic pollution was a critical issue that I saw all around me, whether it be on bus rides to my school or visits to the beach. The global work that Bye Bye Plastic Bags has done was incredibly inspiring, and I knew this movement resonated with me. My sister & cousins mirrored my enthusiasm to create change in the state, and together, we founded a chapter in New Jersey.

Purva at the winter meetup with the NJ Student Sustainability Coalition!

In your own words, what does it mean to be a changemaker?

A changemaker is someone who is actively engaged in making a difference in their community. Changemakers show passion, determination, and vision towards their goals, and embrace the idea of creating a platform that people can engage with to also become changemakers. They are willing to share their experiences, insight, and knowledge with others.

How can people join your organization?

You can join our organization by filling out this form!

Are you currently hosting any initiatives or campaigns people can get involved with?

Absolutely! We are currently recruiting for statewide positions here. Additionally, we have a Plastic Free July campaign & Green Amendment campaign that we would love for youth to join! Email us at if you are interested!

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