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Creaticles Summer of Memes Contest

The Creaticles team has been gearing up to get testnet ready for launch! While the team has been working tirelessly to have everything set up by July 20, we also recognize a separate but equally important piece of a successful project: the community!

That’s why we’re launching the Creaticles Summer of Memes Contest — we want to start engaging with our community, and also giving you some fun laughs while we’re at it. Memes are central to Creaticles because they are a way of sharing joy through artistic talent, and expressing value in artistic talent is at the core of the Creaticles mantra. Here’s how you can participate!


  1. Like and Retweet to this tweet
  2. Follow Creaticles so that we can DM you if you win one of the prizes
  3. Submit your Creaticles-related memes! Remember to keep them relevant to Creaticles and what we’re about (see About Creaticles below to learn more about us)
  4. Tag us in the tweet, and also add the hashtag #CreaticlesSummer2021 so that we can find your meme!


  • First Place — 100 USDT
  • Second Place — 75 USDT
  • Third Place — 50 USDT

About Creaticles

[Website] [Twitter] [Telegram]

Creaticles is a decentralized app that lets anyone request a custom NFT from the creator community. Our mission is the empower creators by giving them greater opportunities to share their art and talent.



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