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The Finalists for the Logo Contest

The Creaticles Logo Contest Results

When we started Creaticles, we made a commitment to source as much as we could from our own community and application. By doing this, we weren’t just committing to an idea, but also demonstrating the value of our own project — eating the food we cook, so to say.

The first time we did this was through our own logo contest, which we ran for a period of two weeks. That logo contest was amazingly successful and demonstrated the power of the Creaticles platform. We received over 100 entries, and choosing the finalists was one of the hardest decisions we have had to make as a project thus far.

Our logo contest got over 100 NFT submissions from talented artists in under 2 weeks

Originally, we left it up to the community to decide through a Telegram poll. Unfortunately, that poll was overwhelmed by bot voting, so we had to take action by making a decision as the core team. But we also modified the rewards, so all finalists will win some USDT.

That being said, we decided on our winner after much internal deliberation. We finalized our selection on #5, which we believed represents Creaticles and as a blockchain project transitioning into its next phase, preparing for main net launch and token release.

The Winners

For all of the winners of the contest, we will be sending USDT to the wallet address that they used to submit the NFT.

  • First Place: #5
  • Second Place: #3
  • Third Place: #2
  • Finalists: #1 and #4

We’re excited to start transitioning to our new logo, created by our own Creaticles community and platform. It’s one of many logos that we’ll be requesting as we continue to grow, and it’s also one of many NFTs that the community will be looking for from Creaticles. Thanks for all of the amazing submissions, and we are excited to see what else is in store for the future!



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The Official Creaticles Team

The Official Creaticles Team

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