Ultimate Girls Guide to #Podcasting

Below you’ll discover the must haves to be podcasting in style wearing your podcast, how to easily create a web presence, go through the production process, market your podcast, connect with other incredible women in podcasting and a few fun extras.

Topics are in the following order:

Fashion, Website Creation, Recording Equipment, Editing, Marketing, Community, Extras


  • Use NailSnaps to turn your podcast cover art into a fashion statement
  • Create cute podcast tee shirts with the help of Groovy Silk

Website Creation for your podcast

  • Scan through gorgeous wordpress themes on Creative Market to set up a cool looking high quality instant website
  • To host your wordpress site use InMotion Hosting for incredible customer service (get 1 year free web hosting by mentioning “WeAreLATech” to jasonh@inmotionhosting.com)
  • Easily display on iTunes using SimpleCast.fm to host your audio files. This is what it looks like…http://podcast.wearelatech.com

Recording Equipment +


  • Hire Aria Creative to remove “ums” and “ahs”, master your episode audio file and even create your intro
  • Run your audio file through Auphonic to improve sound quality
  • Hire ProVoiceWorks to create beats for your podcast
  • Use FullCast.co if you don’t want to think about anything past recording the interview


Stay tuned for the #womenintech podcast here, http://womenintechpodcast.com
  • Choose MakeMeBark to create epic cartoonized episode cover art
  • LeadPages to create relationships with listeners via email
  • TribeBoost to build an audience for your podcast on Twitter
  • Uno.im for people to subscribe to your podcast via text
  • Throw a podcast launch party



  • Use Workflowy, a notebook for lists. Use it for creativity & productivity

Stay tuned for the #womenintech podcast here, http://womenintechpodcast.com

If you’d like to listen to the WeAreLATech podcast go to http://wearelatech.com/podcast