Aissatou Diallo is a Senior Program Associate at BRAC USA, an independent affiliate of BRAC.

“These people make it worthwhile”

As 2015 comes to a close, we’re talking to the staff of BRAC — the world’s largest NGO — to find out what motivates them to do the work they do. We’ll feature stories of trainers, gender-justice advocates and staff members who are dedicated to igniting hope and changing the lives of people all over the world.

Aissatou Diallo is a Senior Program Associate at BRAC USA where she helps find funding and partnership opportunities to foster BRAC’s growth in West Africa.

Born in Guinea, Aissatou is a lawyer by trade but switched gears to go into international development a few years ago.

“I got into development because I saw it as a way to change societies and mindsets to reach the most vulnerable and politically disadvantaged.”
BRAC’s seed mill in Sierra Leone and worker XX ©Alison Wright/2014
“There are numerous challenges in doing this type of work. But during my visits to the field I have seen very tangible examples of how my work — even the unglamorous parts like staying late to finish proposals — have contributed to saving a mother’s life, keeping a young girl out of prostitution, and providing food for a family affected by the Ebola crisis. These people make it worthwhile.”
BRAC’s seed mill in Sierra Leone is one example of how BRAC hopes to create social enterprises to develop supply-chains that benefit those who need it the most.

We asked Aissatou what sets BRAC apart from other organizations that she could be working for.

As an organization, we aim for scale, the multiplier effect. But there is also something special in acknowledging the power of the individual — her story, her life– and her role in transforming her community and society.”
Aissatou Diallo at the BRAC USA office in New York.