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Being Vocal About Anything, Always Gets Criticism

How to deal with criticism once and for all: find the right mindset.

If you get criticized, it only means you are getting more traffic & attention.

Criticism is necessary towards peace, confidence, & forming opinions about things that a lot of people care deeply about. It is an honor to be able to form those opinions, let alone voice them and grab people’s attention by them.

Anyone who has an audience should be eternally grateful.

This will be about my blog and the experience I’ve had with criticism.

Sam Harris (left), Bill Maher (right). Most criticized liberals I could think of.

I write a lot about controversial issues, such as Religion, Morality, & other Philosophy related topics. So the criticism tends to be more intense, since it’s very often related to personal beliefs, which are thought to be private and a human right.

One of the things that I like to remind myself in the shower when I feel guilty for saying things that I think is very important for me to articulate to my friends and family, is that being vocal about controversial issues (or anything that really matters) will always get some sort of backlash.

The backlash is not bad. It’s necessary.

If you start writing consistently, you raise your likelihood of dealing with criticism. It won’t stop. Not only will it not stop, it is bound to get more intense.

Your Obligation

If you have any sort of influence in this world over people, I believe it your moral obligation to start pondering deep issues and start being vocal about them.

There is no time for embarrassment. Logan Paul is a millionaire (I have no idea how people watch his videos). Donald Trump became president. Fifty Shades of Gray was a bestseller and did very well in the box office. People still think that homosexuality is filthy and a sin. 23,000 children die from preventable diseases everyday, such as diarrhea, pneumonia, and malaria. People believe that there is a Hell where all of us are going if we don’t repent of our sins. AND . . . Trump is president of the States.

If we remain embarrassed of our opinions — we will keep losing.

There’s no point in pondering deep issues if they don’t translate to everyday conversations you have with your friends.

The Danger of Emotional Arguments

I do not want to advocate a type of emotional debating with your peers. That is will most likely do more harm than good. It is arguably better to remain silent on an issue, then to predispose someone to disliking it.

That is what is happening with feminism nowadays. More and more liberals (I am guilty of this as well) are advocating a “Fuck you!” policy to people that disagree with them (namely Bible-belt Republicans). What that does in the long run is create counter-groups that are merely keeping together because the liberal side seems too keen on disagreement.

Our aim should not be to disregard a people group, person, leader, thinker or politician. Our aim should be to challenge opinions in a civil manner in order to gain trust of the opposition which only raises the likelihood of clarity of mind.

With that being said, let’s never take the opposition’s voice away. Everyone has the right to an opinion.

And a lot of people will decide to voice that opinion on your content if you choose to be vocal.

There is no time for embarrassment. Get over yourself.

Criticism — Nasty Words

Here’s a handful of comments I’ve received over the past 8 months about my blogs.

1. People don’t care.

2. You are publicly attempting to humiliate people that you dislike.

3. You were obviously deeply hurt by the Church.

4. You need to learn how to write short blogs.

5. I disagree.

6. I can’t read your blogs, they are too emotional.

7. You seem very bitter about this.

8. You lost me.

9. I’ll pray for you.

10. Do you want me to be honest? (To which I admittedly responded: “no”)

11. Your argument is a “Straw-man Fallacy” (You misrepresent my view so that it’s easier to knock it down.)

Things That I’ve told myself:

1. You are just putting more negativity in the world. Why write about these things? People are happy let it be that way.

2. All of it has been done. There’s no point. Is there?

3. Maybe God does exist (!joking! Got u there. He most definitely does not. For the sake of all the potentially deceased in Hell, he does not.)

4. There are so many writers. This is horrible.

Doubt is constantly present. I get a lot of blog posts recommendations and notifications a day. There’s a lot of information to keep up with. With the wrong mindset, it could get overwhelming.

These comments can bring me down. But only if I truly believe them. It is not about the recognition in the end. It is about the work. Work is the end goal and the reward.

If recognition is your goal, you will never be satisfied.

“If you live for people’s acceptance, you die from their rejection.”

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