I created 3D art daily for 50 days!

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4 min readDec 1, 2020


I’m a big fan of the Corridor Crew. Their videos are fun to watch and are kinda inspiring in a way. Fifty days ago, I saw a video by them on youtube, in which there was a guest appearance of Mike Winkelmann (aka Beeple) who is an amazing 3D artist.

The reason why he is so famous in the 3D world is that he, (at the time of the recording of the particular video), had continuously made 3D art without a break, for 12 years. Not weeks, not months, TWELVE YEARS!

This inspired me a lot. I wasn’t good at 3D modeling. “wasn’t good” doesn’t define it. The only 3D models I had done back then was that of a ball and a few boxes.

About myself, I’m not very persistent. I drop almost all long term projects that I take up. Even before I made up my mind to take up this challenge, there was a voice in me that said I would be giving up soon.

I did not let my mind wander a lot that day.

I installed the latest version of Blender (a 3D software that I was vaguely familiar with), and I booted it up and made a white ball on a red background.

I was proud.

It was not the model I was proud of.

I barely knew how to add colors to objects. I didn’t know how to add textures. I didn’t even know how to render images! In spite of all that, I managed to render an image that meant the beginning of my daily render challenge.

I wanted people to see. I wanted to keep a record online of what I had started. So, I created an Instagram page for this — dailywrender. With 4 followers and 1 post, I started my journey.

The cool thing about this venture was that I never thought about when I will stop. I have taken up 100-day challenges in the past only to drop it on day 30.

This was different. I have no idea why.

I didn’t pay attention to gaining Instagram followers. That didn’t matter here.

All that mattered was me being able to create something new, every day, for as long as I can.

At times I’d look up tutorials on youtube to create cool art. At other times, I’d try and make something all by myself (like the extraordinary art you see above :P) There were also times when I grabbed 3D models and added them to make my art look pretty (cheating? maybe)

Today, the 50th day, it feels great. It is a milestone I never thought I’d achieve, but here we are.

50 successful days of dailywrender.

The journey was amazing. I learnt a lot about blender and 3D art. Am I going to stop? How long am I planning to continue? I don’t know. Follow me and find out :P — dailywrender

These are some of the works I’m proud of —

Day 3 — loved the colors
Day 9
Day 18
Day 35
Day 38
Day 45

…and the 50th day (aka today),

There were a few animations that I tried as well, which can’t be added here.

First animation — link

Infinite loop — link

Do check them out.

Thanks for reading (: