Top free fonts for headings!

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3 min readNov 23, 2020


There are thousands of fonts out there, and finding the right ones could be difficult. I say this because I have one or two fonts that I use everywhere (yes, EVERYWHERE) just because I’m too lazy to go search for new fonts.

So I got an idea to compile a few free fonts every now and then so that I can change “my style” often. Here, I have listed out a few of them along with the download links. Go ham!

1 — BRUT

Brut Gothic is a free sans serif typeface. It is designed mainly for headings and titles. It is inspired by the chiseled street signage of a bygone era, with derivations from technical field drawing and Russian constructivism.

Its robust, masculine, angular forms make it ideal for a wide variety of projects, including signage, environmental design, and graphic elements. It includes multi-language support, 64 glyphs including symbols and punctuation, and no lowercase forms. This beautiful typeface was designed by Jacob Rabinowitz.

Download Brut | View on Behance


Shrimp is a free sans serif font carefully crafted to form a structured, strong, and stylish letterform. Shrimp is ideal for posters, eye-catching headlines, loud messages, and other creative projects. This amazing font was created by Anton Darri Pálmarsson.

Download Shrimp | View on Behance

3 — Anderson Grotesk

Anderson Grotesk is a hand-rendered Neo-Grotesk typeface. A beautiful free font family that comes in 4 weights plus italics: light, regular, bold, and ultrabold. This will surely be a great addition to your font collection. Credits to Stephen French for creating and making this font available for everyone!

Download Anderson Grotesk| View on Behance

4 — Stanley

Designed by Jérémie Gauthier, Stanley is a multilingual stencil free display typeface which features rounded and rectangular forms. The font is perfect for posters, logotype, branding, packaging designs, and much more. It’s free for personal and commercial use.

Download Stanley| View on Behance

5 — Apex MK2

Apex MK2 is an amazing free display typeface designed and released by Jeremy Nelson. Free for personal & commercial use. It takes inspiration from classic geometric sans-serif typefaces and workhorse athletic block type. It’s available in 3 weights: regular, light condensed, and bold extended.

Download Apex MK2| View on Behance

I hope you find these fonts useful for your projects. Have fun!