The Day Humanity dismayed.

The Man held on to the edge of the cliff for his life. He saw meteors lighting up the night sky.

Though he knew, it was sight to behold, it also embarked the end of humanity. Dense clouds of ash filled the air making it almost impossible for him to breathe.

He heard the screams of millions of innocent lives. He squeezed his eyes tightly and began to think. Was it our fault? Did we take the earth for granted? Although we consider ourselves the most advanced and capable life forms on the planet, in the end, it all led us to this moment. We destroyed what was given to us. We were careless enough to completely ignore factors that was essential for our race to sustain itself.

Did we fail as a Species?

Or is it because we choose to Torture animals, when we knew to end it’s life in a much more humane way? Was it karma? Responsible for all this?

The rocky edge began to give away bit by bit.

Everything humanity worked for, had gone. Maybe it was Because we were ignorant, and cruel to one another. Or maybe because we blame things on others, that can only be fixed when we unite.

The man felt the earth sink beneath him. He could hear the sound of the rocks trembling. He knew it was time to let go.

He hit the ground hard. Blood dropped from his mouth as he started at the stone that impaled him.

Why didn’t humanity learn to love like dogs did? Why didn’t we accept our genders like the pride of lions that did. We were unable to learn what it means to love. To care & support one another.

The man’s vision faded. Eyes slowly shut down. His mind finally collapsed.

We are not fit to live on this planet.

We never were.

The man lay dead on the ground while the rest of the earth searched for answers, unable to see that this was the ultimate price to pay. The world turned to chaos and the deaths multiplied by the second.

This was the End.