Unconditional Intimacy — Part 1

A Short.

My Wife & I decided to go have dinner at a fancy place this evening. It was 20 past 8 and it was the perfect time to revere the moment.

She told me to get ready and that she’d be running late. As usual, I assumed that women took their own time in getting ready and that i had to let them just do their thing.

I put on a shirt, and walked out with my favorite pair of jeans. She still wasn’t ready.

She looked at me with a not-so-pleased face.

“Why don’t you put on something fancy?, I reckon the Smith’s might be joining us tonight”

Well,i didn’t want to change of course. But I had to just comply to meet her demands.

“Sure thing. I’ll be back in a jiffy” I said.

I opened my wardrobe. A thick black suit caught my eye. I ran down my fingers along the cloth to make sure it was fancy enough to be worn.

“This will do.” I whispered to myself.

Soon enough I was ready. I looked immaculate & elegant. Like a true gentleman. Atleast I thought I did.

“Wow. This is prefect.” She said as she shone her blue eyes on mine.

I looked at her. She still wasn’t ready. I started to worry. It was a fancy place and reservations don’t last that long. I asked her why she hadn’t started getting ready yet. She looked at me from afar, standing by the wardrobe mirror, smiled at me, even chuckled perhaps, and made her way to where I was standing.

She placed her finger on my face. Held my jaw like she’d hold her make up kit and looked straight into my eyes.

“You’re going to have a beautiful evening. But not with me. With another woman.”

I was confused. What was she trying to say? Was this one of her riddles again, that i had to brainstorm over? Why would she want me to spend the evening with another woman, in spite of her, being my wife?

“Oh believe me, you do. She’d love this evening more than I do.”

Who could that woman possibly be? And why would she enjoy this evening more than my wife? So many unanswered questions. So many unexplainably relevant questions jammed my mind.

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