5 Keys to Looking Polished

Most girls growing into women, long for two titles; mom and wife. When we finally get them, we feel accomplished and complete. WELL, let’s cut to the chase shall we? As much as I enjoy being a mom and a wife, life is no walk in the park. In fact, it can be downright depressing at times.


Well there is never enough time in the day, you always forget something, and most of us are just trying not to forget the kid(s). LOL, no really. Maybe not the kid in the flesh but combing the kid’s hair, brushing teeth or that cute little hair bow that you spent countless hours in Wal-Mart shopping for to go with that romper that you just knew would be everything for your kid.

There is a longing to keep your identity and to continue to be the woman you were before. For me, that was looking polished and put together at all times. Looking like orphan Annie was not an option. I tried though, believe me. My confidence suffered and I was not, productive in pursuing my goals so one day I decided enough was enough! I still had to be mom while reverting to myself so I used and still use the below tips to assist in effortlessly achieving both goals.

My 5 keys to looking polished

1. Prep

Sounds self-explanatory right, well what I’m referring to is doing anything ahead of time that will make life easier. Doing tasks on the weekend, such as ironing for the week, meal prepping, and checking the weather for the work week. It not only allows you more time during the week, but can also give you less things to think about. I usually wash a load or two of clothes every few days. As soon as the clothes are finished in the dryer, I put them up or iron the the things I know I will need.

I find that this aids in preventing me from looking crazy trying, or scrambling to find a certain item. I also prep my breakfast and lunch ahead of time. I usually boil my eggs on Sundays since I eat them for breakfast at work that way I can just throw them in my lunch bag and go. Saving minutes’ turn into saving hours and who doesn’t want to save an hour of time preparing for the next day.

2. Pack a bag of essentials

This bag should contain anything that you use or think you may need for the day or for the week. There is nothing worse than trying to locate things in the morning, and you’re not able to find them. I usually keep items like samples of perfume, travel size deodorant, mouth wash, a safety pin, bobby pins, hair ties, baby wipes (yes this is for me not the baby), earbuds, lotion, a tide pen, etc.

If you keep these items in your “essential bag” you don’t have to spend precious minutes looking for them in the mornings. Now you may not use these items daily while away from home, but the day you don’t have them will be the day you wish you did. How many times have you been on your way to work or already at work and realize you now have a coffee stain on your shirt?

That your shirt is a little to fitted and you could use a safety pin, or better yet the wind catches your hair, and now instead of looking like Queen Bey, you look like Fredrick Douglas’ cousin? Maybe I’m the only one, but this “essentials bag” has been my saving grace many days. I am always ready for a last-minute lunch date or happy hour with it.

Tip- If you use anything in the “essential bag” REPLACE IT IMMEDIATELY. If not, you are guaranteed to forget it and what’s the point of the essential bag, if its missing essentials.

3. Never leave THE MAKE-UP BAG

If you’re a natural girl then, power to you! (I HATE YOU) Just kidding lol! But even if you are, perhaps you use at least lip gloss or Vaseline, so that can be in your make-up bag. For those of us that are no stranger to wearing make-up, your bag should always contain mascara, a neutral lipstick or lip gloss, pressed powder, powder brush, and a brow pencil. I usually also throw the lippie color I am wearing for the day in there. I find these items can always get you through a last-minute meeting, unexpected appointments, or when you simply forgot.

Best of all, if you didn't have time to put on a full “beat face” you can apply them without leaving your desk. These make-up essentials scream professionalism, high-fashion, and you can also pull off a look without looking like you are trying too hard.

4. Planning

OK, you may be thinking couldn’t that have gone with tip 1, and maybe it could have, so. This step involves things like making sure my clothes fit the way I want them to, my accessories are all laid out I mean down to the undergarments i.e spanks and making sure you have on the right color bra and panties. Think about it ladies, when we get dressed, what makes us change outfits? It either doesn’t look right or we don’t feel good. Save yourself some time and plan your whole outfit the night before.

Bonus tip:

Keep a blazer in the car. It does get hot in the summer months but unless you’re working outside this shouldn’t matter. A blazer always gives a nice polished look no matter the outfit, and it shows that you put in effort, even though you may not have. The goal, as mom always told me, is to never look like what you been through!

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