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Things we don’t want for Love Day

Valentine’s Day is fastly approaching and no matter how you choose to celebrate the day or not celebrate the day, you can’t help but notice all of the Love talk going on around you. Fellas are usually running around this time of year in a frenzy trying to figure out what to get that special someone and since its so commercialized, so much emphasis has been put on getting something really special.

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The below list is comprised of things ladies DO NOT want for Valentine’s day so don’t even waste your time or money!

  1. Exercise equiment. Ok, your special someone may workout, and may even enjoy it or she may need to workout, however no one wants to receive exercise equipment for Valentines Day. The first thing that comes to our mind we get this from bae is, “oh he think i’m fat”! Even if they are fat, don’t remind them on Valentine’s Day that’s just rude!
  2. Cookbooks and cooking utensils. Valentine’s Day is not the time to remind your lady that she could use some tips from Patti or Paula. We going out to eat anyway so what the hell I need a cookbook for!? I don’t care how much she wanted that cookbook when y’all were in Barnes and Nobles, buy it on Feb 15th!
  3. House-shoes. I don’t have a detail explantaion for this item other than I can buy my own house-shoes. Mmmkay!
  4. Bath and Body Works. Ok, so this isn’t a total no. This would be fine for maybe a first-time gift, a Netflix and Chill kind of bae but most women I know buy Bath and Body Works all the time AND we are signed up for the coupons. Btw, the semi-annual sale just ended and we loaded up!
  5. Having cheap-ass flowers sent to the job. OK, so women mostly are appreciative of gifts we receive for V-day. We would appreciate the flowers that look like they was picked out of someone’s yard or the flowers the man was selling on the side of the road, BUT please don’t send them to the job! Please! This is a sure way to get the heifer in the next cubicle whom we don’t like to pick at us. Listen, while it is the thought that counts let’s just save them cheap flowers for at-home.

As always thank you for taking the time to read my article! Make it clap honey!

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