Why not wear white after Labor Day?

As the last official holiday of the summer approaches, I deemed it appropriate to discuss my opinion regarding wearing white after Labor Day.
Now I’m sure by now we have all seen the movie Serial Mom, or at least heard of it. The leading character in this film is totally insane and kills people who she believes doesn’t follow rules. There is one scene when she goes completely nuts because another character is wearing white shoes after Labor Day. We all know this is a fashion violation!

Well, I wanted to know where this rule derived from, so I decided to do some research. Yes, it may sound lame, but I needed answers and “just because” doesn’t quite suffice for me. Besides, I have been scrambling all week to wear the last of my white ensembles before the holiday.

What I have found

Well, back in the early 20th centuries, white clothing was lighter, and when there were actual seasons, wearing white kept you cooler in the summer months. Since Labor Day deemed the end of the summer, it made sense to not wear white after Labor Day since the day marks the start of Autumn.

Another reason, well white can indicate leisure, being laid back, or relaxed. Think about it, most all-white celebrations occur in the summer months, and at these celebrations people usually are two-stepping, and dancing and they are happy. People also wear white while on vacation also. Wearing white can put you in the mind of beach and being near the ocean, and you are unlikely going to be hitting the beach in Autumn and Winter.

What does it all mean?

So now that I have bored you completely here’s the deal, I am not suggesting that you go against the grain and disregard fashion rules, I would hate for “Serial Mom”, to hunt you down and give you the business.

However, I think not wearing white after Labor Day is ridiculous!
Now, I know that I can wear white, but I’m never in the mood to answer,” Why are you wearing white after Labor Day? “ In warmer climates, i.e. Texas, it is still hot past Labor Day, hell most times it is hot until after Columbus Day or even Halloween.

If wearing white is lighter and will keep oneself cool, then I should still be able to wear white until it begins to cool down. Right?? I feel mature, serene, and angelic when I wear white.

There is a lot to consider when wearing white, such as the color of undergarments and what you may eat during the day while wearing white. There is nothing worse than getting a food or coffee stain on your fit. (this is when keeping a Tide pen will come in handy).

Now wearing white can show off more curves if you have any, there is no camouflaging your body which is why I feel that white can make you feel more confident. Personally, I own a few pair of white pants and skirts in different styles. I guess you can say I am always ready for a white party. LOL! No really!

What should the rule be?

(DISCLAIMER) While I’m not a fashion designer, or fashion icon by any means, I think the cut-off for wearing white without any backlash or rude Instagram comments should be October 1st.

In the fall months, when the leaves begin to change and start to fall, I think you should start transitioning your wardrobe into more neutral and darker tones. It will be time to swap that white for browns, olives, and navy colors etc. But in September since it still warm, and so we don’t all bake to death, I say go on and wear that white!

I am glad you visited today. If you have questions or just want to get to know me better keep coming back!! I look forward to sharing much more with you.


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Creative Conduct

An inclusive contemporary publication providing all the information you ever wanted but never knew you needed. An amalgamation of topics suiting all readers.

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