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A sample of the full 7-part series filmed for MentorBox. View all of the workshop at

In June I was invited to film a video workshop with San Francisco-based MentorBox on the methodologies of Cultivating a Creative Culture.

Largely geared for busy CEOs and business leaders, MentorBox’s model is best described by company founder Alex Mehr, Ph.D.:

MentorBox is an online platform for continuous business education from top nonfiction books, best-selling authors, professors, CEOs, industry disruptors, self-development aficionados and thought leaders. It’s also a monthly subscription box service which aims to reignite the spark of learning in a way that will immediately impact the trajectory of our subscriber’s lives. Along with the physical books, MentorBox uses a multimedia approach to learning, including video seminars featuring the authors themselves, laminated cheat sheets, study guides, audio summaries, and workbooks.¹

Alex is a fascinating and brilliant individual: Iranian immigrant, NASA scientist, and co-founder of Zoosk (with company revenue in the ballpark of $200 million in 2014, the year he left), amongst other things. He started MentorBox in 2016 following a eureka moment:

I identified two significant culprits that are preventing people from reading: 1) They are too busy, and 2) Many learn differently, processing better through video and audio as well as through kinesthetic exercises (workbooks). So I set out to design a product that accomplished exactly that, i.e. we bring in top selling authors and thinkers to create video and audio materials that perfectly summarize the key takeaways of the books and also develop workbooks to help people personalize the main concepts and apply them to their own lives and businesses.¹

A Journey Worth Taking

Appreciating MentorBox’s goal of putting education and inspiration in the hands of those who shape industry, I was honored when they asked to fly me out to their West Coast HQ. The opportunity to put essential tools of cultivating healthy creative cultures in the hands of business leaders was one I’d never pass up.

left: the morning view of Union Square // right: from the MentorBox photoshoot (by Jessica Evelyn)

After a morning coffee in Union Square, I visited their office space in downtown San Francisco. There I met with Director of Content Jonathon Kendall to go through the day’s plan of attack, and specifics for filming the video workshop. We agreed upon focusing on onboarding and The New Day One methodology; dialing in on a main concept to unpack over the hour-long video would provide the most value.

From there we took a short trip to the MentorBox studio where we filmed the workshop and some social media-geared videos. Wrapping up late in the day with a photoshoot, I unfortunately ran out of time before I could visit one of my favorite shops. Next time!

Filming (photo by Jessica Evelyn)

The Result

The recording session was broken into 7 easy-to-digest video segments, a quick-learning workbook, and an audio download. The video clip at the top of this article covers the Inspiration part of The New Day One, and is a part of the series of 7. All of the content is available via the MentorBox member section.

The experience was a phenomenally rewarding one, and I’m ecstatic to have had the opportunity to personally deliver the message of Cultivating a Creative Culture.

Thanks, MentorBox!

¹ “Mentorbox Delivers the Secrets of Success,” The Lounge, August 9th 2017



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