4 things inspiring Emil Lanne, ECD at Huge

AI — we are currently building an AI team at Huge and definitely think we are at a cusp of a machine learning revolution. I love the fact that we can now be a bit more scattershot from the outset and then use machine learning to become super relevant to our users in real time. It is also amazing to watch my kids talk to Alexa so naturally.

Felt Sport-e 95 — I just bought a new electric bike and they are so clearly the future (even if New York drivers are doing their best to keep cyclists off the road — I have the bruises to prove it). Exercise at double the speed.

The Asian Saga by James Clavell. It might be from the 1970s but it is so well written and super inspiring. Shogun, the opening book of the series is based on the true story of the first westerner that arrived in Japan. An amazing insight into Japanese culture.

OP-1 by Teenage engineering — I’m a little addicted at this moment and often play with the OP-1 on the subway. Fantastic UX and I love how they have approached it in every way. Here it is in action:

If you would like to find out what is inspiring your creative super hero right now, just tell us in the comments and we’ll try and track them down.

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