Creative DNA: Markus Maczey, CCO, Plan.Net Group

Welcome to our brand new series that aims to get underneath the skin of creative leaders to find out what makes gets their creative juices flowing. First up is Markus Maczey, newly appointed CCO of Plan.Net Group who are one of our Super Agency Members this year.

Name: Markus Maczey

Title: CCO

Agency: Plan.Net Group

Current favourite book or film?

Heinz Helle — Eigentlich müssten wir tanzen

Current favourite music track or album?

Rodriguez — Cold Fact

Most inspiring place that you’ve visited?

Chamonix, France

Current favourite app / product / service?


One thing (not a person) you couldn’t live without?

My watch.

Your ‘That’s Me That Is’ (piece of work that best defines you)

BMW Motorrad Eyeride

Best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

The correct translation from german would be: “Don’t pack your backpack too heavy… meaning travel light through your life”. Given to me by my best man’s 85-year-old boss. Actually the boss gave it to him, my best man told me about it… and it made sense to me too.

Creative accomplishment you are most proud of?

Winning the first lion with Plan.Net for the BFF Beating Facts Campaign

All time creative hero (dead or alive)?

Quentin Tarantino

Favourite 3 places / things / experiences in the city you live in (Munich)?

That’s easy:




A screenshot of your phones home screen.

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