Creative DNA: Natalia Talkowska

If you go to creative events in London you will probably have spotted Natalia at the front scribbling away on her iPad. She’s sketched lots of our events (like this one) and we always think the outcome looks ace. We decided to find out what makes her creative clock tick…

Name: Natalia Talkowska

Title: Founder & Director

Company: Natalka Design Ltd, Doodleledo, #resisttheusual

City: London

Follow: Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram

Current favourite book or film?

What I Know For Sure — Oprah Winfrey

Current favourite music track or album?

Beyonce — Lemonade

Most inspiring place that you’ve visited?

Santorini in Greece. I mean look at this. If that doesn’t inspire you, you need a break!

Current favourite app / product / service?

Would really love to play with Google’s Tilt Brush and use it at Doodleledo events!

One thing (not a person) you couldn’t live without?

Let’s be real — my phone. It’s my life in a pill: friends and family, work, Google maps (I still need that after 9 years in London!)

Your ‘That’s Me That Is’ (piece of work that best defines you)

This was supposed to just be a sketch when I first started to explain my life then (you can see up in the right corner it was very much about broken heart!) Visually it became one of my little signature pieces.

Best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

When I first started working in a very male orientated environment, my mum said something like this: ‘Even if the guy is the owner of this company or a huge important person, he also needs to go to the toilet in the morning like anyone else.’ I know, weird and my first reaction was ‘muuuuum!’ but it helped me tremendously to be more confident and feel as valued and equal as everyone else in the room momentarily. Best advice ever! No more stress when I was entering these rooms ;D

Creative accomplishment you are most proud of?

I could easily list some impressive people I worked with but I’d say starting my business in the first place is something I’m most proud of, because I didn’t know what I was doing, no prep whatsoever, hadn’t studied it, hadn’t met many people and yet, here I am now, waking up everyday and doing what I love. Sounds cliche but it means a lot that I started it. Could have easily ended up not doing anything about it.

All time creative hero (dead or alive)?

Walt Disney — his imagination and creativity touched so many people around the world, I’m one of them. Huge reason why I draw so well now and have a head full of ideas.

A piece of design or an advert that you remember from your childhood?

Don’t know why but the first thing that came to me was the MTV logo — the original. Anyone else remember it still? Long hours spent watching videos, this logo is imprinted in my head. It’s a huge part of my growing up.

Favourite 3 places / things / experiences in the city you live in?



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