It comes without warning, the smoke emits from the forest of your soul

As you seem to walk in slow motion down the deserted road

It is a mist that becomes thicker as it rises and surrounds you

Slow motion, it all seems to be

You envision your soul and it’s light

You envision the shadow begin to eclipse, as you hear the faint howl of the wolves in the distance

That, your soul emitting sound

Your steps grow rapid down this road

Your eyes close as you exhale, as you continue to walk

The smoke consumes your surroundings in puffs, the forest lush, green and dew

Is at that moment you are conscious of your nakedness

Embraced to be apologetically uncaged, transparent, spiritually awaken on the next level

Your future worth, as the rays of sun seem to be present through the creators eyes

The goal…

copyright 2016

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