The Brooklyn Circus + The Man Behind It…

Ouigi Theodore is a name that I stumbled upon looking into men’s fashion and there he was! An article about the founder of a store named, “The Brooklyn Circus” retailer hit me like a ton of bricks when I read it and saw the clothing that he not only was selling but wearing.

The notion that most men don’t care about their appearance and only wear urban clothing isn’t the case anymore. Most men care about their outward appearance and men’s fashion has for sure taken a step into the obscure when it comes to black men’s fashion. It has now gone back to a historically based look, but with a “modern” twist. He has capitalized on this with his brand of pieces that are not only art but uniquely curated. You can see this in the way in which he himself wears various pieces, and the vibe in which you get from each one. He’s a genius with his own industry and has become so successful he now has a retail space in San Francisco.

Check out his online retail space at