The Wonder of HBO’s Limited Series, “Big Little Lies”

HBO/Ringer Illustration

Not only did the first episode catch me, but the opening along with the music was captivating. The way this series was shot is just cinematic beauty, the locations, music chosen the fashions etc. The first scene, where Reese’s character, “Madeline” accidentally hits Shailene’s character “Jane” had me at hello. After consuming this first chapter I began to do research, which is what I usually do when captured by something. I was surprised to find that it was initially a book by Liane Moriarty (which I’m sure am going to read…). It displays that we as women who try to do it all, aren’t always perfect. Even the ones with money have problems like everyone else. It also shows how intricate parenthood can be, when you have problems of your own and that in the end women can unite for the greater good.

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