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103 Days of Creativity — Week Three

Photo by Dennett

In response to this Creativity Challenge by Lindsay Linegar:

I accepted Lindsay’s challenge as a way to work through the sadness of my grandchildren moving far away. I am still sad and not really expecting that to change as much as hoping to find a way to cope with and express the sadness through creativity. Here is my third week of the challenge.

Sunday, July 15 — Day 16:
Yesterday we drove 88 miles to Mount Dora with our 14-year-old Pekingese dog and spent the night. This morning we drove 64 miles further south to meet the two 10-year-old dogs we adopted. After gathering the dogs and their belongings, we traveled 161 miles home to begin the adjustment period of welcoming two dogs into our family of the Pekingese, two cats, and two guinea pigs. Although I took several photos of the dogs, I consider this to be my creative day off.

Monday, July 16 — Day 17:
I hoped to take this day off work to recuperate from the weekend of driving and to help Syau and Sophie, our adopted dogs, acclimate to their new surroundings, but my afternoon client was too busy for me not to be present, leaving me with only a few hours free in the morning.

While eating breakfast on the porch, I notice a new flower in my garden and played with some settings on my camera to get a “soft” photo of the blossom with the background blurred (see header photo).

When I got home from work, I transferred my Mount Dora photos to my computer and created this post for C(G) Snapshots:

And I completed my post for the Creative Challenge for last week. It was posted by Erika Sauter on Hopes and Dreams for Our Future:

And, I posted nine comments on Medium.

Tuesday, July 17 — Day 18:
A long work day that left little time for creativity but I did work on a story about our new dogs, took more photos of them, and transferred the photos to my computer. And, I posted 10 comments, a few of which were lengthy, on Medium.

Wednesday, July 18 — Day 19:
I wrote and posted a poem in response to the One Line Prompt by Harper Thorpe on Chalkboard:

I also created this piece for C(G) Snapshots that was posted today:

I continued taking photos of Syau and Sophie, finished my story about them, and submitted it to CROSSING GENRES. It was published on Sunday right before I finished this post:

And, I posted 13 comments on Medium.

Thursday, June 19 — Day 20:
Tough day at work and personally, and not a very productive day creatively. Eleven comments on Medium and a few photographs of dogs, cats, and clouds.

Friday, June 20 — Day 21:
A very stressful and long work day.

Fridays are also emotional days for me because our grandchildren always came to us on Fridays. Often we went out to a favorite place for dinner or my husband cooked one of his scrumptious meals, and we would watch a movie, walk dogs, sit on the porch and talk. I dread Fridays now and usually work late to avoid thinking about who/what is missing. Today, working late was not optional. It was one of those days that didn’t want to end.

I posted five comments on Medium — three of which were lengthy. I took several photos of our new dogs and a flower. I used one of the flower photos to create this post for Snapshots:

I also used a previous photo of a duck to write a poem in response to a creative challenge by Erika Sauter:

Saturday, June 21 — Day 22:
Yes, it is a Saturday but still I worked 7 hours — and grocery shopped and cleaned house. Not much time for creativity!

When I stopped for lunch at work, I watched this YouTube video about drawing tricks. I’ve never been good at drawing but tried several of these ideas and was pleased with the results — not pleased enough to post them here, but please enough to keep trying.

As I left my client’s office at 5:30, I stopped to take photos of some flowers in a light drizzle. Later, I transferred the photos to my computer and created this post for C(G) Snapshots:

Later in the evening, my husband and I were walking our dogs when we came upon a nesting Muscovy duck. I returned, sans dogs, to take photos which I used to create this post for C(G) Snapshots:

Since this week revolved around our new, old dogs — Shau & Sophie — both 10-years-old — many photos were taken. Here are a few of them — Sophie is the black one, Shau the champagne:

Considering how busy my workweek and home-life were, I am pleased that I was able to create as much as I did, but still disappointed that I haven’t been able to branch out much from writing and photography or that I haven’t started the long-distance creativity project with my grandchildren. I have to be patient until work slows down — although, I wonder when that will ever happen!



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