61 Días de Los Reyes Reto — Día Veintitrés

61 Days of The Kings Challenge — Day 23 — November 28, 2018

A Writing Challenge

Too Cold

Photo by Dennett

It was 32 degrees this morning. Not considered cold in Canada or by northern Americans but damn cold in Florida. The “feels like” temp was 28 degrees. My plants are shivering.

We bundled up and walked dogs at 7 am — our pooches allowing us to sleep a little later than usual due to the cold. They seemed unfazed by the Yankee weather if not actually energized. Our walk was brisk (I hate that word!) The younger dogs — 10-year-old Syau and Sophie were frisky and 15-year-old Chanelito may not have qualified as frisky but he definitely had a shot of pep that kept him sauntering for a longer distance than usual. Ben, who walks Chanelito, was not amused.

The morning sky looked cold in a way only Floridians can identify.

Although she reveled in the freezing morning air, Syau quickly returned to her bed, relaxing in a way that only dogs, cats, and babies can. I am jealous.

Photo by Dennett

Our cat Tango is not a lover of the cold. Not realizing that winter was outside our door, he begged for his morning porch time, scratching at the patio doors as he does every morning. He bolted through the door with his brother Sébastien. Tango returned quickly, paws raised, sweeping up and down the glass doors in supplication of entry. Sébastien lasted on the porch about 15 minutes longer but soon his pleas were heard loudly.

Tango wasted no time in snuggling deep on our bed, not considering another porch adventure for the remainder of the day. He is my Cuddle Cat.

Photo by Dennett

Another cold one tonight and then a steady warm-up which may result in record high temperatures later in the week. A couple of weeks ago, I was relishing some lower temperatures, imagining numbers in the 50’s. Now, I eagerly await and welcome the predicted 80’s to come.

Our two-day winter is more than enough!