Have you ever seen the Burpees?

If not, perhaps you have heard of them

Sarah Healy
Nov 30, 2019 · 2 min read
Illustration by Sarah Healy

Have you ever met the Burpees?

Chances are that you have heard them even if you have never seen them.

You know when you pour a carbonated drink and hear that delectable fizzing sound.

Have you ever wondered what really makes that noise?

Well if you look very closely you might be surprised. You see the sound is actually a tribe of Micro-scopic creatures that live inside the bottles of fizzy drink. They are hibernating or in a sleepy state until the bottle is opened when they come alive.

That first Hiiiiiissssssttttt when you open the bottle is like an alarm from them.

They are awake for the first time in a long time. Filled with an extraordinary amount of energy they tumble and somersault within the drink as they try to break free from the constrains.

Once free, they begin their march into humankind seeking to release all the energy that they have stored up.

So the next time you drink a carbonated drink, don’t forget to look a little closer and search for the burpees.

Scientifically Burpees may not exist. Or perhaps they do. The next time you drink something fizzy, pay more attention to all the sounds that are created. Look closely for a Burpee.

Even if you don’t spot one, all the mindfulness may make you enjoy the act of drinking your drink even more.

Thank you for taking the time to read. If you enjoyed this you may also enjoy other tales I have written.

Creative Humans

A community of storytellers who are passionate about the creative process.

Sarah Healy

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A multidisciplinary designer, storyteller, and adventuress with a penchant for endurance feats and exploring blank spots on the map. sarahhealy.net/

Creative Humans

A community of storytellers who are passionate about the creative process.

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