The Tale of Mavis Pruit

A Ballad for the Lovelorn — Poem a Day for National Poetry Month

Love Potion — Tracy Aston

Here comes the tale of Mavis Pruit
one helluva beauty but she never knew it,
she lived a good life with only one aim
bring respite to those in romantic pain.

She couldn’t remember how she’d had the notion
to create an effective foolproof love potion
but she told folk around that in the dead of night
she’d stumbled on the cure for a lovelorn life.

Aware she practised white witchery
and knew all the herbs in the dictionary
when she made a concoction they were quick to believe
their loneliness would soon find relief.

Three drops on the tongue or as an embrocation
while repeating a tried and trusty invocation
to revive the spirits, discover romance
and change their life-long circumstance.

Before a month went by those jilted or rejected
no longer found themselves painfully affected
for love they found or did it find them
they didn’t care which, they were happy — amen.

When Mavis reflected on her potion’s success
 — relieved no one asked her to explain or confess — 
at a summer love ball in her garden gazebo
she gave thanks for the efficaciousness of placebo.

Thanks to Lindsay Lonai Linegar’s prompt: Love — which was yesterday but I’m answering today. Some of us find love late!